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I’ve been living here in Logan Square for about a month now, and absolutely love the neighborhood! It is so different from where I was living in Lakeview. What stands out the most to me is the people and human connections.

Living in Lakeview, I knew the neighbors occupying the other two units and not too many other people living on my block. After seven years, one of the neighbors in the 3-flat next door finally introduced herself. I would say hi and maybe have a conversation about landscaping or the weather with one of the guys who lived in the condo building on the other side. And there were a handful of people that I would see regularly when walking the dog, but the conversation never went much beyond “Hey, how’s it going?”

The friendliness and number of meaningful conversations I’ve had with people living on my street in Logan Square are astounding in comparison to my previous block. When I first moved in, myself and a friend were sitting outside chatting when a neighbor, whom I had briefly met while dog-sitting the day before, walked by with his pup. The dog ran up to say hi and we ended up chatting with this neighbor for about 45 minutes! I learned not only that he is a long-time Logan Square resident, but I also learned about his business, culture, relatives dealing with the devastation in Puerto Rico, love for the Cubbies, and childhood growing up in Lakeview. Clearly, I’m not the first to make to the Lakeview to Logan migration!

Having a dog is the best way to meet the neighbors in this neighborhood! And it seems like just about everyone has a dog. I do not have a canine of my own right now, but I frequently dog-sit my furry nephew. Oliver, the four-legged nephew, is currently in my care for an entire week! He is 16 years old, so he doesn’t get too far during his daily walks, and therefore we might not have as much opportunity to meet the other dogs and owners in the neighborhood. Despite these short walks, it feels like we have met more neighbors in the last four days than the last four years!

On Sunday morning, there were six dogs all being walked in the same place, at the same time. I had a solid 5 minute conversation with one of the humans on Sunday morning. We discussed the neighborhood, the dogs, yesterday’s storms, and the neighbor pointed out which building he lives in at the end of the block.

Sunday afternoon brought a deep and meaningful conversation with a fellow dog walker. This gentleman introduced himself along with his and his dog’s astrological signs. He then inquired about mine and Oliver’s signs. He provided insight about how the astrological signs related to the relationship between dog and human caretaker. He then told me some of my qualities and about my life. He was shockingly accurate. He knew that I am drawn to career paths that aid people in life transitions. So true! As a real estate agent, many of my clients are not only transitioning homes, but often marriage, children, divorce, empty-nest, employment or retirement transitions also accompany buying or selling a home. This man asked if I was a social worker, which happens to be my former profession. I informed him that I used to be a social worker, but I am now in real estate. He then told me that I must be a Taurus-Gemini and asked if my birthdate was May 26th. So close… my birthday is May 28th! He then began to talk about my current transitions and the phase of my life. This wise old(er) man then said, “You are landing where you need to be right now.” I found it very poetic that he chose to use the word landing, because here I am: Landing In Logan.

Oliver exploring the new neighborhood!

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